New Terms

For the “lessons” or whatever you get from experimental discourse to be useful, it helps to think of the prime movers in the first pass, at the integers not the fractions — and to establish new terms. Blot. Each brain is private. Blot. Each publication is a bridge. Blot. New terms, new bridges. Blot. Wrestle with paradox. Blot. Know waxing ideologies to waning ideologies, tell the tale. Blot. Overlap your transparencies to new image and color. Blot. We thank you for your support. Blot.

Wendy Pain
Kristian McFarce
Francis Whatsler
Robert Wackman
Mattia Battia
Charles Swann
Hepzibah Pyncheon
Alice Pyncheon

Bathilde Amédée
Robert de Saint-Loup
Odette de Crécy
Cory Dollanganger
Carrie Dollanganger
Axel Heyst
Lena Sourabaya
Vladimir Cincinnatus
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 A01 — The Naturalist ($19)
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 A03 — Lost Prospects ($18)
 A04 — La Mirage Inn ($17)
 A05 — Post Depth ($15)
 A06 — Hike Chats ($16)
 B01 — Content Aware ($14)
 B02 — FOG ($13)
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 B04 — Hold Outs ($10)
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